Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

After we moved into a house that seemed to have a lot of electrical problems, I had to learn how to troubleshoot things and fast. I learned how to flip the switch on my circuit breaker, deal with tripped GFCI outlets, and even how to rewire an outlet with the power off. It was a lot of work, but I was able to save a lot of money on professional services. However, after trying in vain to fix my circuit breaker on my own, I realized that I needed some help from an expert. A professional came out, took apart my panel and fixed everything. This blog is all about troubleshooting electrical issues and when to call a pro.

Hire An Electrical Contractor To Help You Build A Home Theater Room


If you're passionate about movies and enjoy nothing more than getting together with a group of your friends to watch the latest releases, you might be considering building some manner of a home theater room. Building such a room in your basement is about more than just placing a big-screen TV on a stand and setting a couch in front of it. By hiring a local electrical contractor, you can truly make the room come to life and host some outstanding movie-watching parties. Depending on your budget, there are a number of projects for which you can hire your contractor. Here are some ideas.

Hiding Theater Component Wires

The visual difference between the average theater room and one that looks professional often comes down to how the wires are handled. With electrical components such as the TV, speakers, media players and more, you'll be dealing with lots of assorted wires that can quickly make the space look disorganized — and even pose a tripping hazard — if they're not handled in the correct way. Your electrical contractor can drill subtle holes in the walls of the room to run the wires from component to component, rather than have them snake across the floor in an untidy manner. This is especially important when connecting the rear speakers in a surround-sound system, as they'll be mounted several yards from the receiver.

Installing Theater-Style Lighting

It's ideal for your theater room to be dark but not completely blacked out, and your local electrical contractor can make this happen. Instead of just leaving the overhead lights on a dim setting, the contractor can actually install small lights around the upper perimeter of the room and ensure that they're partially hidden by a bulkhead. A different idea is to install lights in the floors that shine up the walls and illuminate the movie posters you've selected for decorating the space. In either scenario, the electrician's skillful execution will give you theater-like lighting that will set your room apart.

Help With A Projector

If you've decided to go the route of having a projector and screen installed, this isn't a project that you'll want to tackle on your own. Subtly running wires can be a challenge, while mounting the projector overhead at the right distance is also a job that is best left to the professionals, like Royal Plus Electric, so that the device doesn't vibrate when people walk across the floor above it.


9 May 2016