Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

After we moved into a house that seemed to have a lot of electrical problems, I had to learn how to troubleshoot things and fast. I learned how to flip the switch on my circuit breaker, deal with tripped GFCI outlets, and even how to rewire an outlet with the power off. It was a lot of work, but I was able to save a lot of money on professional services. However, after trying in vain to fix my circuit breaker on my own, I realized that I needed some help from an expert. A professional came out, took apart my panel and fixed everything. This blog is all about troubleshooting electrical issues and when to call a pro.

Why Lights Might Stop Working In A Single Room


Did the lights stop coming on altogether in one of the rooms of your office complex? If you have tried to replace the bulbs in fixtures but there is still no light, the problem may stem from a major electrical problem that should be inspected and repaired by an electrician without delay. Find out in this article what may have caused the lights to stop working in one of the rooms of your complex.

A Circuit Breaker Has Tripped

It is possible that there are no lights on in only one room because the circuit breaker to the electrical wires is not on. You can check the wall outlets by plugging up an electronic to see if they are without electricity, as it is another sign that the circuit breaker to that room has tripped. Simply examine the position of the circuit breakers in the electrical panel to see if you need to turn any of them back on. It all of the breakers are already on, you need to call an electrician as soon as possible because the wiring in that room might be at risk for causing a fire.

Too Much Electricity is Being Used

If there are numerous electronics being used in the room with not lights, it might have caused the problem. Depending on the age of your office complex, there may not be a sufficient electrical panel installed for powering up so many electronics at one time. If you found that a circuit breaker tripped, it might have happened because the electronics was using too much electricity. You must understand that an electrical panel can only supply so many amps to your office complex. If the electrical panel is outdated, an electrician can upgrade it or even install a sub-panel for handling the power demands of your business.

Overheated Light Fixture Wires 

It is possible that the lights stopped working in the room because the wires in the ceiling overheated.  Wires can overheat when electrical arcing takes place, which happens when electricity jumps conductors. Electrical arcing may have affected the light fixtures by damaging the wires in them. When there is a problem with overheating wires and electrical arcing, you should call an electrician for an emergency inspection to be done. He or she might have to rewire the room in question, or it is possible that your entire office complex will have to be rewired even if you haven't noticed electrical problems in other rooms.  


12 May 2016