Troubleshooting Electrical Problems

After we moved into a house that seemed to have a lot of electrical problems, I had to learn how to troubleshoot things and fast. I learned how to flip the switch on my circuit breaker, deal with tripped GFCI outlets, and even how to rewire an outlet with the power off. It was a lot of work, but I was able to save a lot of money on professional services. However, after trying in vain to fix my circuit breaker on my own, I realized that I needed some help from an expert. A professional came out, took apart my panel and fixed everything. This blog is all about troubleshooting electrical issues and when to call a pro.

In The Market For A New Home? Hire An Electrician To Take A Look At These Things


When you're in the process of shopping for a home and have found a home that you're serious about making an offer on, it's important to first do your due diligence. Any real estate agent will advise you to hire a home inspector, but it can also be a good idea to hire a local electrician to look at the home. While a home inspector may be able to identify any potential issues, he or she doesn't have the same degree of expertise as an electrician. Visiting the home with a licensed electrician can reveal any potential issues that could cost you money to fix upon moving in. Here are some things for the electrician to look at.

Age Of The Wiring

If you're considering buying an older home, the age of the wiring could be an issue. The last thing you want to do is close on a home and learn that the wiring needs to be replaced just a few months later. An electrician will be able to remove some simple electrical fixtures to have a look at the age and condition of the wiring. In many cases, upon simply learning the age of the home, the electrician will also be able to predict the condition of the wiring any make any suggestions that you should heed before submitting an offer.

Condition Of The Electrical Panel

A new electrical panel can be expensive to have installed, so it's important to have your electrician check the electrical panel of the home. This inspection can indicate the age and condition of the panel, as well as if there are any issues. Rust on the panel, for example, can suggest serious issues that could be unsafe. If the panel is in poor shape, the electrician will be able to tell you how much time should elapse before it is replaced, as well as provide you with an estimate about how much it will cost.

Potential Safety Issues

Your local electrician is an expert in the local building code, so having him or her tour the home to look for any potential safety issues can either steer you away from the home or alert you to the things that would require attention immediately upon making the purchase. For example, the electrician would check the ground fault circuit interrupter outlets in the bathrooms and around the kitchen sink to ensure that they're working properly.


7 October 2016