Safely Close Off A Wall Sconce Yourself With These Steps


When you want to make a significant change to the lighting situation in your home, it's a good idea to hire a licensed electrician to handle the work for you. For example, if you no longer want a wall sconce and instead want track lighting hanging from the ceiling, this isn't a task for the novice. However, as much as the electrician should handle installing the ceiling lighting, you can take care of closing off the wall sconce.

7 August 2016

3 Risks Of Trying To Fix Your Wiring Yourself


Fixing your house up on your own can be very satisfying, and doing projects around the house can sometimes save you time and money. However, not every project that your home needs is suitable for the DIY approach. When you have an electrical problem, as tempted as you are to DIY it, you are better off using a professional electrician to get the job done. There are a number of risks that come from trying to fix your wiring on your own, and you should know about them.

26 May 2016

4 Home Automation And Technology Features That You Want For Your Custom Home


If you are building a custom home, there are many new technologies that you may want to add to your home. Some of the features can improve quality of life and others can help make your home modern and energy-efficient with lower utility bills. These features can include home networking, automation with low voltage wiring and renewable energy solutions. Here are some of the modern home design features that you want to make sure you have in the plans for your home:

17 May 2016

Tips For Making Important Electrical Upgrades To Your Older Home


Home renovation projects don't always mean just painting and laying down new flooring. In some cases, the need for electrical upgrades is necessary. Today's newer homes are wired for handling a lot more than the home of yesterday. Check out these tips for upgrading the electrical system in your older house, especially when it comes to outlets. Outlets In Your Den Or Living Area When most homes had one television set in the den or living area, the need for multiple outlets wasn't there.

16 May 2016

4 Advantages Of Using Infrared Testing For System Inspections


Infrared inspections are often utilized in industrial environments. This type of inspection is used to help ensure that systems are maintained in a safe and reliable manner by consistently checking the operational characteristics, such as the temperature and electrical flow. Dangerous conditions can quickly be identified and corrected when infrared inspections are performed regularly. Here are a few advantages of using an infrared detection system for inspections: Issues can be found before they become serious.

15 May 2016

Tips For Testing Electrical Outlets For Proper Ground


One of the biggest safety concerns with your home's electrical grid is the current ground. In fact, most electrical codes require that wiring be sufficiently grounded to create a path for excess or stray current to discharge. Despite this requirement, some circuits may not be properly grounded and may need to be repaired. Here are some tips to help you spot a wiring circuit that isn't properly grounded. How Do You Test The Circuits?

13 May 2016

Don't Let Your Home Shock You: How To Prevent Electrical Fires And Electrocutions


If your home seems like it's on the fritz, one of the things you might want to look at is the electrical elements in your home. Here are a few preventative maintenance techniques you can use to keep your electrical units working well and also some tips for knowing when it's time to call a professional.  Electrical Maintenance: Things You Can Look for At Home That Signal Danger There are several things you can do to make sure your home's wiring is working correctly.

12 May 2016